The Professional Communication Essay is to discuss the importance of professional communication in ensuring patient safety
April 24, 2018
How many ways can understanding religious rituals and history be helpful in the human services field? How about in Nursing?
April 25, 2018

*Exceptional identification of three decision making theories relevant to nursing practice.
*Excellent discussion outlining which theory would be applied to support advanced decision making in practice.
*Transitions between theory and practice are connected, with variety and creativity to present an interesting and thought provoking piece of work.
*Extensive analysis and synthesis of advanced decision making theories in nursing practice.
*Identifies complexities, contradictions and inconsistencies between the theories discussed and has provided at least 1 counter-argument for each.
*There is a clear statement which asserts the chosen theory for decision making in nursing practice with a succinct supporting rationale.
*The conclusion is obvious as it restates the key message outlined in the introduction within the first two sentences of the closing paragraph.


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