Describe how the supervisor should state minimum job requirements when he or she requests new employees to be hired into the department.
June 21, 2017
Write a essay about metropolitan museum of art in new york
June 21, 2017

Select ONE verse from the Quran and ONE hadith from Prophet Muhammad’s sayings whose meanings appear to mutually support each other (i. e., the verse and the hadith appear to address the same topic or issue).
First, provide the full quotes of the selected verse and the selected hadith and list their sources. Second, write a 100 to 150 word-essay in which you discuss how SIGNIFICANT and RELEVANT the selected verse and hadith to our time (the text of the verse and the hadith and their sources will not count towards the 100 to 150 words).
To submit blogs in this course, you click on the link to the blog as it appears in one of the subheadings of Course Documents, create a blog entry, and post it. Do not submit blogs from course tools, as attachments, or as email messages.
Topic 3 focuses on (1) The Quran, (2) Prophet Muhammad, and (3) The Five Pillars of Islam.
The main objective is to understand some important aspects of Muslims’ culture, behavior, and politics as far as they can be rooted in Islamic rituals, Islamic scriptures, and Islamic prophet.
Topic documents include:
(1) textbook and online short readings.
(2) PowerPoint slides.
(3) videos and video synopses.
(4) current issues in the news.
(5) study guide, and (devil) short assignments.
Review them carefuly in order to complete blog 3, homework 3, and exam 3.


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