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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018


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This is a letter I, MY SON’S MOTHER, needs to writing to request the type of teacher I want for next year, GOING INTO 5TH GRADE AT CITRUS COVE ELEMENTARY SCHOO.

I WANT IT ADDED HOW EVEN THOUGHT HIS FORTH GRADE TEACHER TOUGHT HIM i WAS NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH HER WHEN i WOULD TRY TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER. I truly felt and for the first time went to administration about this and for any teacher Nikolas had .. when I would email her, she would become defensive and even direct my emails towards my son sometimes even yelling at him over my email to i only addressed to her in class. Also I am aware his teacher had many student to help with writing ect. However I am aware she helped those with the most issues. My son on writing improved a lot and I hired Mr Placito as well from time to time. My son who loves all his teachers, had a hard time with the yelling not so much at him, he didn’t get into trouble but once with a text really, but the teacher yelling loudly at others. I would like the letter to stress on these points but not like i just did, more subtle but pointed. Also that I will not be able to sit back with another aggressive teacher towards myself trying to communicate the only way I can via email and it being directed towards my son as I have truly felt it was this year. Nikolas has a very caring sure heart and with that is sensitive to things and they way they are said or addressed. For the first time he said he wanted different teacher. I don’t want my son to ever dislike school due to a teachers temperament. THERE ARE GOOD QUALITIES AS WELL i AM SURE … But going forward I would like a structured {this word is huge} teacher, because the is the only way nikolas can thrive as well as a firm, but softer spoken, loving teacher. Someone who is guiding them all, not favoring some to others for whatever reasons. AND GUIDING THEM WITH THIER STRENGTHS AND HELPING THEM WITH THIER WEAKNESSES WHILE TRANSITIONING TOWARDS 6TH GRADE … i’D LIKE NICHOLAS’S FITH GRADE THEACER TO BE VERY STRUCTURED, FAIR, SENSITIVE TO EACH CHILDS ABILITIES AND HELP WHERE NEEDED IN A KIND HEARTED WAY. FOCUSING ON AWARDING GOOG BEHAVIOR AND NOT FOUCUSSING ONLY ON NEGATIVE.

Thank elaborate on those traits and being able to communicate with parents without taking it like an attack then taking out on the child …. but word it all in a professional way, please.

thank you.
It only needs to be a few paragraphs or how even many to get the message through.


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