Consider 1 human service issue. It might be the lack of affordable housing, poor schools, date rape, divorce, or perhaps discrimination based on race, religion, and disability.
November 30, 2017
The annotated bibliography is a collection of 10 one-paragraph summaries of peer-reviewed journal resources that you intend to use in the Research Paper – Final Draft
November 30, 2017

Research Paper – Final Draft Instructions
Using the information and feedback gained from the Topic, Annotated Bibliography, and Working Outline, you will create a 10–12-page Research Paper on your approved topic. Your title page, abstract, and reference page(s) may not count toward the 10–12 pages. Also, you may not copy and paste your annotated bibliography into your final paper. At least 10 peer-reviewed sources must be used to support your paper, and current APA format must be adhered to.
After completing your final draft, submit your Research Paper using the SafeAssign link provided in Module/Week 7. SafeAssign will help you judge the originality of your paper and avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism includes: a) failing to cite another’s work when you have used that person’s ideas, b) copying another’s work or just changing a word or two in a passage or phrase (even if you cite it), c) copying another’s work without appropriate quotation citation, or d) copying your own work without appropriate citation (APA Chapter 1, Section 1.10, p. 15-16).
You may submit the paper 1 time via the draft link to check your score and make revisions, but only until the final due date.
Utilize the grading rubric provided to ensure your work follows expectations.
This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.


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