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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Using Chinn & Krammer theory evaluation on Marha Rogers Grand theorist of the Science of Unitary Human Being

Paper details:

Points: 100
• Select one of the models listed on the table in Meleis (Table 10-1, page 184) and critique the theory you have selected to present.
I am presenting Martha E. Rogers theory of Science of Unitary Human Being.
Assignment Details:
•Maximum length five (5) pages
•APA format double spaced, New times Roman 12 font

Describes theory and rationale for selection
Clearly stated
20.0 pts
20.0 pts Identifies model for critique
Model is clearly identified
20.0 pts Uses criteria for critique according to model
20.0 pts Model is clearly used
20.0 pts
Minimal grammar and spelling errors; adheres to page limit
the model in the Meleis 2012 book page 184 using Chinn & Kramer2004 is as follows and all these have to be addressed clearly
1. Purpose 2 concept. 3 definitions, 4. relationships 5 structure, 6. Assumptions
part II-_________
Critical Reflection
1 Clarity, 2. Simplicity, 3 Generalizability, 4. Accessibility and 5 importance.
speedy helped me with a power point on Martha rogers that described most of the last part of the critique but will need to go into greater detail using examples and comparisons as well this is worth a HUGE grade need help. I have always been impressed. there is no limit on sources.

20.0 pts
Provides appropriate reference list in APA format


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