Concept of consumer heterogeneity
June 21, 2017
Write a paper discussing about Germany and its culture
June 21, 2017

As we read about media conglomeration and concentration and how it has affected news, I would like to use the alternative media assignment for us to explore media that are NOT mainstream, owned by large conglomerates, and have more independent or progressive voices or with news angles/reports that we don’t normally see. Then, New York Times, or Reuters, or CNN will not be considered as Alternative News.  The list I gave you include examples of alternative media. And each source provides a lot of links you can explore, and include in your own list (I request 3).
See below.  Let me know any questions you have.  Please see below instructions-
Alternative News Media assignment (4 or more pages, due by 6/14, Wed., 11pm.)
The file Name should be: AlternativeMedia_LastName_FirstName
Write a report on the publications or websites of alternative news sources you have found. Include 6 publications. Â
a) Please select 3 from below list: Â
Extra (a publication of F.A.I.R., Utne Reader, The Nation, Z Magazine, Znet, In These Times, Ms., Mother Jones, New Internationalist, Counterpunch, Common Dreams, Global Policy Forum, Alternet, Dissident, Progressive Trail, Aljazeera English, Workforchange, Middle East News Online, The Wisdom Fund, The Palestine Chronicle, Mediachannel,, and Mediachannel. 
 b) Please find another 3 on your own.Â
c) For each of the 6 entries, please include the following information:
i) Name of the publication (include the website)
ii) Describe this publication/website (what kind of organization, publication/website it is, what its vision/mission is, what kind of news it covers, etc.).Â
iii) Pick one article. Summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs.Â
iv) Analyze the article.   Include any insights, reflections, or connections to our readings if you find          appropriate. v) Please be aware that you need to paraphrase whatever you take from the website or the articles, or use citations. You can not copy and paste the info directly.Â

vi) When you submit the article via ASSIGNMENT, you will go through Turnitin (Turn-It-In), an online   program that will check if you plagiarize or do not cite appropriate. Turnitin will give you a report. If your   score is too low, you will need to resubmit.

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