Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Order DescriptionThe essay is from a module called Employee Learning and Development, and I am a international student in Business and HRM course.

there are three document, module guide assessment 2 revision and assessment 2 criteria, please read the criteria carefully and fulling follow and achieve at least the 2:1 level!!! There are lots of reference sources from the revision document and the module guide, please use them.

There are five academic journal you need to find them and read them:
1.Employability and talent management: challenges for HRD practices. by Staffan Nilsson
2.Journal of European Industrial Training Emerald Article: A “critical” time for HRD by Sally Sambrook
3.Experience, Reflect, Critique: The End of the “Learning Cycles” Era by Jayson Seaman
4.Exploring the divide-organizational learning and learning organization by Peter Y.T. Sun and John L. Scott
5.The Evolution of John Mezirow’s Transformative Learning Theory by Andrew Kitchenham.
Please read them and may use some information from it.

Please read through module guide from page 11 till the end!!

There are two models in module guide appendix where appendix B and C, you need to use them in the essay.

Our topic from assessment one is talent management,so it need to be some information from it in the essay, one of the reading above might help you.

The essay need to including personal experience and reflections. we could use first person when writing personal things. I wish you to conclude a few thing in the essay when writing personal experience.
1. please write about dealing with conflict, because when I did the group work in this module, I was mark down by the group mate, and they write me bad in their peer assessment, but I disagree with it, I having meeting with tutor and at the end it was agree by tutor that my mark on assessment 1 group work will be the marked the same as this essay which is assessment two.
2. because I am an international student from China and study in UK, I want to talk about the Independent learning and problem solving, and how I use these skills in the future. I think It was require to write an action plan when you look at the criteria, but not sure, please read through !!!!

The differences and importance of reflective and reflexive might be a main part of this essay,(i think this way) but please make sure you read it from criteria.

I need at least 2:1 which is 60 mark in this essay, please check the criteria and meet the requirement!!!

Please having Introduction, and conclusion!! And the format is Time New Roman 12, and 1.5 space. Can use subtitle, but don’t use it too long.

This essay is very important to me, Since I am Chinese international student, you could use simple words, when it make sense, it is ok.


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