communication/ Identify five strategies for reducing communication apprehension./Explain extemporaneous delivery?/Name five resources, which can be helpful in gathering ideas for a speech./Identify five reference sources for a speech./Identify the elements of vocal delivery./Identify five strategies for the introduction and conclusion.
June 21, 2017
accounting 1
June 21, 2017

The purpose of this analysis is to give you practical experience in understanding the leadership qualities of someone you admire. Select someone you consider to be a
leader, prepare interview questions, perform the interview, and evaluate. The Holt Types Test should be used in your interview and discussed in the paper. A
suggestion would be to take the test for that person and reconcile against actual results. Cell phone conversations and E-mails are satisfactory.
There is no specific format. The intent is to analyze leadership from these perspectives:
Your perception of interviewee through Holt test
Similarity to Holt test from interviewee
Interviewee’s response to questions
Relationship of your Holt test, interviewees Holt test, your overall observations
Interview questions -5
Analysis of answers to questions -10
Analysis of individual’s leadership
Major traits and attributes
Significant results and accomplishments
Use of Types Test – 5
Integration between student (taking for leader) and leader’s – How do they compare
Lessons learned from person -3
What major ideas did you gain from exercise and class -3
How did the class enhance your leadership style -2
What are your plans to integrate class material into your life -2


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