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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Paper details:this is a 9geographic information system) major.
we have to create a proposal .
I will attach an example of an old proposal we did to give you an idea of the requirements. please make sure to read the yellow notes in the attached file. Also, there are some charts that you will find in the example, read the yellow notes to do the adjustment on them.
you can use images that talk about the research.
the idea of the project “arabian guide”
the target city is Tempe in Arizona
what we wanna do :

1- create a web page or app that can help arab around the world when they come to arizona
2- we know what arab need when they travel for vacation or study or midical
3- arab like to travel to a new placecs but they dont know about them so we want to guide them such as :
restaurant ; they eat halal food :: so we will look to all halal food resturents

– mosque ; Muslim pray five time a day so we wanna show them the mosques as well
– islamic school / center
– arabic grocery ; many student study in arizona universities so that will help them as well, however , traveler want to buy thier food for trips and cooking thier food
– hospital ; for any emargency ::: our insurance not allawed to all hospital so the app can brovide the nearest hospitail.

– parks / some activity as well
please make sure to follow the attached word document


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