Assignment 1- Stratification and Prejudice in Current Events
June 21, 2017
Between the christians and polytheists-upper and lower class
June 21, 2017

Telemedicine is a fairly new phenomenon in health care
A 750 word critique performed on the following subject. It needs to have at least 2 scholarly references with citations in the critique in APA format. The subject is below.
Telemedicine is a fairly new phenomenon in health care providing patient support by Home Health agencies, physician offices, and acute care organizations. Video conferencing is extremely useful to patients in rural areas. The activity prevents a patient from de-compensating causing a readmission to the hospital and a potential morbid situation.
research a scholarly article identifying advantages and disadvantages. Then discuss findings related to potential breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) through the Internet and ethical beliefs of how this should be protected.


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