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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Paper details:Dear,

I wishes to apply to SBIR for my company in developing a product related my patent under Department of Defense (DARPA)

We are almost full up the proposal except the technical volume by
half (You can check my draft). I want to add 10 more pages to finalize the Technical volume:

The technical volume must be filling up about the consumption of the military rank computer for data analyst from detection sources, and use full solar panels as primary source of energy.

The whole paper with my draft must be in two parts:
Volume 2: Technical Volume
PART ONE: Feasibility Documentation
PART TWO: Technical Proposal

With a list of the materials to be used (name of products, manufacturer, link, price) as well a list of the team necessary to develop a prototype.

Then please review the whole paper with the draft.

Thank you very much.


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