What are the different types of healthcare available today? How does the Affordable Care Act affect the health care delivery system?
February 10, 2018
Did Jim And Laura Buy A Car? 
February 10, 2018

Home Work For Day One

Answer the following case study in an APA formatted paper.

Research sources to answer this question must be identified in your paper.

“Mr. Gonzales, age 75, was brought to the United States from Mexico to live with his extended family. His wife of 40 years died of heart failure 3 months ago. He is now living with his married daughter and her husband and their three children. He speaks no English. His daughter is the only other person in the household who speaks fluent English.”

  1. Discuss strategies for encouraging a healthy lifestyle for Mr. Gonzales.
  2. Identify community resources that may be available to support this ethnic group.
  3. What health concerns would you have for this family?
  4. What goals of Healthy People 2020 would apply to this couple? Explain your rationale.

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