Multicultural Marketing in America
June 21, 2017
English L Exa 1
June 21, 2017

Strategic Management
Case Study Presentation. Each student is required to prepare a case study for presentation at the end of the semester. The subject of the case study will be an
organization that the student has access to so as to be able to speak with a principal of the organization. Papers will be a minimum of 15 double spaced pages in
length and no more than 25 in length excluding title page, references and appendices. All graphs, pictures, and tables are to be placed in the appendix and then
referenced in the paper. Lastly the paper is to be written in the third person.
1. Content: Supports major points with well thought out ideas and examples. Able to appropriately integrate Case Study Method processes/steps as well as course
concepts as per assignment guidelines. Critical thinking: Discussion and conclusions based on objective analysis of issue or topic. Relates and integrates ideas,
insights and examples into written work to support presented data.
2. Style: Introduction previews major points and what the writer(s) will accomplish. Body includes two to three major points. Major points are supported
and are organized in a logical fashion. Ideas are stated clearly and concisely. Conclusion is logical and flows from the body of the paper. Conclusion summarizes
major points. Each paragraph is clear and contains one major idea. Paragraph transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought. Sentences are complete, clear
and concise.
3. Format: Utilize either APA or MLA guidelines for: Typing, Margins, Pagination, and title page.
Text citations and reference page present in the paper and in accordance with APA or MLA style. Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed. No spelling errors –
the paper has obviously been proofread.
Points Topic
20 Porter 5
15 Grammar / Spelling / Formatting
20 Chapter coverage
05 Recommendation / Conclusion
100 possible points with a 2 point per page deduction under 20 pages
Prepare a 4-5 page analysis (not including title page and references) that examines the public health, legal, and policy issues involved in these deliberations.


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