Assignment 1- Stratification and Prejudice in Current Events
June 21, 2017
Between the christians and polytheists-upper and lower class
June 21, 2017

Self-career planning report – Personality, career anchor
Self-career planning report
The text body of report should be 6-8 pg long, including the following sections:
(1) Introduction
(2) Self-analysis: Your self-assessment of personality, career anchor, career stage, personal or professional background, person-job fit, etc. Basically, you want to provide comprehensive information that explains the orientation of your career choices.
(3) Career goal identification: This is the extension of the previous section. Consider “career” as a lifetime process, and “career goal” as something that you will make a continual effort to achieve through decades. What will be your ultimate goal? You may have a clear idea of what to do for the next step or next year, but this section challenges you to have a long-term view of your career.
(4) Job analysis:
(a) First, identify the target job that matches with your ultimate career goal. Remember, it is not the job that you are working toward right now. It is the job that indicates your highest achievement in your career.
(b) Once you have identified the target job, research and provide your knowledge about the content and requirement of the job and the general information of the industry and/or organization.
References can be found in your textbook and the assigned and recommended readings, especially readings of Week 8. You may also want to consult your mentor/supervisor about it.
(5) Identify the gaps between your current profile and the requirements of your target job/industry/organization. Next, identify the steps you will take to fill the gap between your current profile and the requirements of the job/, and your vision of where you are in one year, five years, and ten years.
(6) Conclusion
· Your grade will be negatively affected if the paper is too short or too long.
· In the paper, you should cite at least three journal articles..


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