An original thesis statement in which you help challenge society’s limiting gender narratives
July 13, 2019
Katherine has two employees who have never seemed to get along
July 13, 2019

this assignment will be divided into 3 steps

1-revise my paper according to my professor’s comments and the grading rubric and then start writing to develop continue the paper.

his assignment needs two things:

First of all, rewrite research introduction, purpose, questions and aims to develop my file’s writing I will attach it below.

Please complete the following:

1- review the item posted in the “Bloom’s Taxonomy” tab to help with the development of aims ( I will Attach the file )

2- review “APA” style and follow it

3- review the item posted in the “Grading rubric” tab so that you are familiar with how your grading will be moving forward. ( I will Attach the file )

4- Use this previously developed capstone template to help you in revising my paper’s formatting and with examples or “descriptions” of what each section should include RESEARCH INTRODUCTION, PURPOSE, QUESTIONS, AND AIMS. I will attach the files.

Second, After your writing I need you to write a file that has an oral presentation about my capstone project, I want to tell my teacher about my project around a two-minute. Sharing my topic, Purpose, Research Questions and Aims. ( Simply stand in front of your peers and tell us what you will be doing for your capstone project )

Third, I WILL ATTACH MY FILE’S RESEARCH WRITING because this assignment is following it and for development…



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