Assignment 1- Stratification and Prejudice in Current Events
June 21, 2017
Between the christians and polytheists-upper and lower class
June 21, 2017

outline & rough draft
No plagiarism
Please separate the outline and rough draft two different word documents.
File 1
File 2
Topic: Family Dynamics Affecting Juvenile Delinquency
provide an in-depth outline of the research paper you plan to write based on the topic you selected. Your outline must contain headings that correlate to your chosen topic:
I. Introduction
II. First Heading
a. Sub-heading
III. Second Heading
a. Sub-heading
IV. Third Heading
a. Sub-heading
V. Conclusion
VI. Reference List
You must describe each point with 1–2 sentences.
Rough Draft
Length Requirement
0 to 15 points
Paper consists of at least 5 pages of content, excluding the title page, abstract, reference list, and appendices.
0 to 20 points
Each section, from the introduction to the conclusion, is effective and labeled.
Organization and Current APA Format
0 to 20 points
· Information flows in an organized and meaningful manner.
· Paper follows current APA format.
0 to 15 points
At least 5 primary references that are significant to the study (current, relevant, credible, and authoritative) are included.
Biblical References
0 to 15 points
At least 5 biblical references are included.
0 to 15 points
There is a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources.
History blog post
The preceding web link, “The Diary of Bennet H. Barrow, Louisiana Slaveowner,” documents everyday life on a Southern plantation and sheds light on the activities of slaveowners and slaves. After reading Barrow’s diary, address the following prompt in at least two paragraphs:
What does Barrow’s diary reveal about the mindset of slaveowners and the experience of African-Americans living on plantations in Antebellum America?


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