Elderly people are falling at an alarming rate in the nursing home
April 23, 2018
Select Dorothy Johnson’s behaviour system Model of nursing theory and discuss how her theory had made a significant contribution to society or the advancement of nursing.
April 23, 2018

Essay description- Write an assignment demonstrating an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the role of the mentor in a health care setting.It should consider the skills required in mentoring. Demonstrate knowledge of all 8 domains set by the NMC. (it has been suggested that each domain can be written about individually or sub grouped into 1-Teaching which includes Facilitation of learning, Evaluation of learning, Leadership & Context of practice. 2-Student support which includes creating a learning environment for learning, effective working relationships, context of practice, leadership and evidence based practice then 3- Assessment which includes assessment & accountability & leadership. Discuss how knowledge is applied in practice, use contemporary issues.
Internet references are allowed, tutor is not interested in the history of mentorship!!


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