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Mod3 Discussion –
Think about a training experience you’ve had as an employee. Knowing what you know now about training, how was the training evaluated?
First Post

For this week’s discussion, incorporate the following concepts into your post:
Provide a brief background of the purpose of the training.
Discuss how the training was evaluated.
What improvements would you recommend? Note: there is always a chance for improvement so please do not state there are not any.
Reply Post

For your reply post, review another student’s response and offer a different type of recommendation to apply to the situation.


My training experience at the Human Services office at time of hire was very unorganized. There was a very long checklist that I was instructed to complete with signatures of trainers next to the topic. I was asked to set up my own meetings with these people that I’d not yet been introduced to, nor did I understand their position or department, or even their location. There was no systematic flow to my training, no manual for my position and the job description, as I quickly learned, was very outdated. In fact, the job I am doing now is very different from what I believed I would be doing!
It was evaluated with a 30 and 60 day review with HR. This again was a disconnect, as my supervisor had been instructing much of everything else, and HR was in a completely different building, and out of touch with my position as well. They had little to evaluate my responses against.
However, it has turned out exactly as it should and I am happy to have helped create some structure and boundaries to my job. Improvements would be an updated JD,

proper training with purpose and design, as well as some shadowing or mentoring lined up. This would have been very helpful


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