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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Medusa Password Cracking

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Medusa Password Cracking
Medusa will try different password combinations until it successfully logs in, and then it will give the success message. You may want to watch the Medusa Password Cracking video under supplemental resources to help understand what is required. You can see the Medusa software post a success result in this video. There is also a screenshot example of a successful result on page 84 of the textbook.
Use Medusa to authenticate to a remote service (FTP, Telnet, VNC, etc.) found on a target virtual machine during the reconnaissance phase.
Take a screenshot of your results. The screenshot should show the repeated password tries along with a success result. Medusa should report a success message. This would prove that the software was successfully installed, the attempt to hack into a target system, and the successfully acquired password.
Submit the screenshot of your results as a file upload for grading.


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