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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Media Analysis

Your assignment here is to document newspaper or magazine articles related to corrections.

Students completing this assignment should:

Find at least two newspaper or magazine articles dealing with corrections. In selecting the articles make sure that they deal with topics from your text. Examples of appropriate articles include: stories about issues or controversies related to the correctional system, editorials about corrections in the newspaper, or newspaper coverage of how various political candidates deal with the correctional system.

In your paper, include a summary of the article with title and documentation where the article can be found. After the summary you will give your reaction to the article. In the reaction, you need to connect the topic in the media account with something that you have learned in the course. For example, you might critique a newspaper’s editorial on corrections in light of what you’ve learned in class. It is important to demonstrate understanding of course material in the reactions.


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