Managerial Accounting exam 3
July 13, 2019
Use the following scenario. Review the scenario first and
July 13, 2019

Read the Chapter 14 Case: Real Choices at Frito-Lay

Answer each question in 200 words.

  1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Frito-Lay.
  2. Research the products and organization at Identify and discuss the most important issues surrounding the successful use of CRM at Frito-Lay.  How does CRM link the marketing and sales functions of the organization?

 3.  What is the purpose of trade sales promotions? Identify three types of trade sales promotions that Frito-Lay should use to increase sales. Specifically how should these be implemented?

    4. What factors are important in addressing the dilemma facing Frito-Lay? What are your recommendations and discuss specific implementation tactics for your recommendations? 

Correct APA Source Citing of the Textbook:

 In-Text Citation

 ï‚· First in-text use is: (Solomon, Marshall & Stuart, 2012).

 ï‚· Subsequent in-text uses is: (Solomon et al., 2012)

 Reference Section:

 Solomon, M. R., Marshall, G. W.; & Stuart, E. W. (2012). Brand you: marketing

           real people, real choices. (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson, 2012. Print.


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