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June 21, 2017
Discuss the conception of family in the odyssey
June 21, 2017

You are the Marketing Communciations Manager for a fictitious local (Singapore) chain of fast food resturants, Burger Hut and a range of new products will be launched soon.
Your manager Director has tasked you to come up with a marketing communication plan that recommends how the company can use various communication tools to introduce this/these new products in the market.

Your Marketing Communication Plan should include the following:

!. Executive Summary (Not in word count)
2. Environment Scanning – (Market analysis – PESTEL & SWOT of your marketing communication plan) SWOT – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats.

* Need include introduction of companies and products to be analysed*

*need a SWOT table* and write out in paragraph as well*

3. Marketing Communications Objectives (SMART Goals) – not more than 200 words for this
– What is the goal of this plan?
– The plan need to be Specific , Measurable , Archievable , Relevant and Time Bound. Example , what is the specfic target audience ? what is the time u need for this plan?
4.Marketing Communication Strategy & Implementation Tatics
Need include Marketing Communication Recommendations in :
(Each section one paragraph)

  1. – Advertising

  2. – Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

  3. – Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Branding & Positioning

5. Proposed Evalution and Control Methods
Example in the first 6 months will hit what target and if fail what is the alternate plan?
(You may invent the necessay details and assumptions to facilitate your plan)

  • 1. 2500 Words count

  • 2. APA Style format and report format

  • 3. Need content page and subheaders

  • 4. 10 References 

  • 2. Plagiarism free work 

For advertisment, Can use out transportation ads and
For Sales promotion I would like to use Eat a burger Win a Car ( Prizes promotion ) and some coupons
For direct marketing can use leaflets, interactive marketing can use youtube ads, social media like facebook ads etc
For public relationship can use cause related marketing(example sale of each burger will donate how many cents to the charity and pro-environment activities- use recycled packaging/bag)


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