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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Lizzie Borden

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Research Paper Instructions

The paper should be about any criminal case that involves the use of Forensics. I have found that the older cases, (before the 1980’s ) reveal the best results and are more interesting.
What I want you to do is research a case from multiple sources. See if the subject of the case had been properly investigated at the time. Take interest in those cases where the subject of the case questionable/or the case remains unsolved/no clear conclusion. You may come across cases where the subject of the case was never brought to trial. Look into the case, write about the original case. Apply modern Forensic techniques to your case and see if you could have come up with a different outcome. Could you have solved the case using modern techniques
You should answer the questions; who, what where ,when and why. You should have an introduction, body and a conclusion to the paper. I fully expect you to proof read and correct any mistakes before you turn in the paper. The paper should be at least 10 pages long.
You may choose any subject that interests you from any century. For example, if you were to choose the murder of Julius Caesar, you would look into his murderers and determine what their murder investigation might look like.
If you choose a person like Lizzie Borden, how was the crime scene treated. How were they able to come up with suspects in 1892..


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