Communications: write a review on the book ” Media, Organizations and Identity By Lilie Chouliaraki ” 
December 1, 2017
polyethylene (polymer):How is the material made? What is the structure of the polymer material?:
December 1, 2017

Answer any one of these questions (choose one). Associate one of the 6 ethical studies to the topic chosen.
1. Is the supreme court 1973 Roe vs. Wade moral?
2. Why does the legalization of abortion not necessarily imply that abortion is moral?
3. What is the problem with the conflict between fetal rights and maternal autonomy?
4. Is blastocyst splitting and nuclei transfer moral?
5. What is physician assisted suicide and jack Kevorkian’s role in sparking public debate of this form of euthanasia?
6. What is meant by the medicalization of execution? Is it moral?
7. What is the most important value- equality or justice when using the death penalty?
8. What is the relationship between viewing pornography and displaying aggression towards women?
9. According to the Ethics of care, does patriarchal traditions play in promoting violence against women?
10. Discuss how the AIDS epidemic has influenced public attitudes and morals towards homosexuality.
11. Is same sex marriage moral?
12. Moral argument for protecting hate speech?
13. If someone is politically correct, are they morally correct?
14. Why is prejudice and discrimination immoral?
15. Does a spouse have the right to pull the plug?
16. Is there a moral solution between multiculturalism and antiracism?
17. Is animal experimentation moral?
18. Pharmaceutical testing on mental challenged patients?


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