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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Make sure that you read, acknowledge, and follow the following rules:

This is an open-book exam but you are only allowed to use your textbook and information posted in our classroom. Please do not use any other sources that are not listed in our classroom. For example, you can refer to our class lecture notes and all links posted in the lecture notes but you should not search the Web for information to solve exam questions.
Question 1 (This is a 4 -part question)
Perfect Pizza wants to install a system to record orders for pizza and chicken wings. When regular customers call Perfect Pizza on the phone, they are asked their phone number. When the number is typed into a computer, the name, address, and last order date is automatically brought up on the screen. Once the order is taken, the total, including tax and delivery, is calculated. Then the order is given to the cook. A receipt is printed. Occasionally, special offers (coupons) are printed so the customer can get a discount. Drivers who make deliveries give customers a copy of the receipt and a coupon (if any). Weekly totals are kept for comparison with last year s performance. A summary of business activities for taking an order at Perfect Pizza is as follows:
a) Find and display customer record.
Input is the customer number and the customer record.
Output is customer information.
b) Take customer order.
Input is the order information (including the customer number).
Output is the total amount due for the order.
c) Send order to cook.
Input is the customer order.
Output is the cook’s order.
d) Print customer receipt.
Input is the customer order and the customer master record.
Output is the customer receipt.
e) Deliver customer order.
Input is the customer receipt and coupons.
Output is the delivered receipt to the customer.
f) Print weekly totals.
Input is the customer order and the previous year s customer order summary.
Output is the weekly performance figures.

1. Draw a context-level data flow diagram for Perfect Pizza using the following items:
Process name: (1) Customer order system
Entities: (1) Customer; (2) Management; (3) Cook.

2. Explode the above context-level diagram by drawing the logical data flow diagram 0 showing all the major processes using the following items:
Process names:
(1) Find and display customer record
(2) Take customer order
(3) Send order to cook
(4) Print customer receipt
(5) Deliver customer order
(6) Print weekly totals
Data stores:
(1) Customer master
(2) Product file
(3) Coupons
(4) Sale history
(1) Customer
(2) Management
(3) Cook

3. Please label each question as either closed question or open-ended question.
How many personal computers do you have in this department
How is this task performed
Why do you perform the task that way
How many hours of training does a clerk receive
How many customers ordered products from the Web site last month
What are users saying about the new system
How are the checks reconciled
What added features would you like to have in the new billing system
Is the calculation procedure described in the manual
Is there anything else you can tell me about this topic
Do you review the reports before they are sent out
Are the user manuals produced by this department
Describe a feature you would like to see in the new system
Who handles the invoices

4. You are going to interview the local manager of LDI, a national tire retailer, who has asked you to work as a system analyst on a management information system to provide inventory information. Here are five questions you wrote to prepare for the meeting:
1. Describe key decisions you are responsible for.
2. How well do your employees accept changes in the system
3. Is the current system providing you with enough information to help you make decisions
4. Do you have any problems with your current system
5. What kind of output would you like to see What type of format is preferred
Order your questions in (1) a pyramid structure, (2) a funnel structure, and (3) a diamond-shaped structure

Question 2
In the following proposed DFD design, there are some typical errors among external entities (E), processes (P) and data stores (DS).

1. In a well-crafted essay response(minimum1000 words), please identify and explain any errors in the above design.

2. In a well-crafted essay response(minimum1000 words),, please propose any design modifications.


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