Social responsibilities of News Channels
June 21, 2017
Who are the oligarchs – How are the oligarchs Economic
June 21, 2017

Find a current event or case that is dealing with copyright or trademark infringement in the music industry. Give your opinion on how the intellectual property law (copyright/trademark) affects the event and how it should be applied. Use an outside source to support your position such as the finding or responses from the court in the action, a trade magazine, a book on the topic, an opinion or editorial written by another and site that source in your post.

  • In writing your response, you must frame your opinion/conclusions based on facts. Do some reading and Internet research to find support for what you feel is the proper answer. Remember, without factual support, an opinion is just that; we all have one. Unless you are an expert in a field related to the issue, or have appropriate personal experience with the issue, you must rely on others to support your personal arguments and conclusions. You could use reputable books, magazines, or news articles. Opinions/editorials written by others will also work as long as those individuals are credible among the general public and their peers in the industry. You must give credit to your outside source, listing a full reference at the bottom of your response as well as citing the source within the body of your post as is appropriate.
  • In your paper, you must cite at least one source outside the course commentary, the course text, and your personal experience.
  • Proper spelling and grammar are expected for the assignment.

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