Explain europeans and native americans
June 21, 2017
CAM Therapeutic Modalities Paper
June 21, 2017

reseach and write a ten to twelve page paper on a Future Law Enforcement Technology. For example, law enforcement uses for social media, unmanned drones, ballistic vest or other equipment, nanotchnology as an alternate means of incarceration, computer aided dispatch, etc. Based in the technology you select what is the benefit to law enforcement and potential down-side. Could the use of the future technology help or hinder policing, does it have the potiential to be misused? why move towards new technology? what costs are associated with technology and how has the economy slowed the progress of adding technology to policing.
Decription: The research paper should explain the pros and cons of the future technology you select and its impact on all stakeholders. The research paper shall have a minimum of ten (10) references with at least 5 from a primary source, including at least one journal article and one internet source.


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