Statistics Article Critique
March 10, 2020
Facilitated Communication
March 10, 2020


1. Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice. This is an example of a(n) __________ coping strategy.

a. emotional

b. physical

c. behavioral

d. cognitive


1. At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to signal she’s not to be disturbed. Paige’s responses to the reunion are known as

a. burnout.

b. general adaptation.

c. stressors.

d. stress reactions.


1.  After filling out apersonality test, students were given individual personality profiles. Mostsaid that their profiles were fairly good descriptions of themselves, and theywere amazed to discover that they had all received the same profile. Thisillustrates one of the main criticisms of the __________ approach.

a. humanistic psychology

b. trait

c. cognitive behavioral

d. psychodynamic


1. Alonzo was playing baseball and made a mistake. His coach yelled at him. Alonzo was angry, but instead of yelling back, he punched his stuffed animals when he returned home. Alonzo displayed the defense mechanism of

a. reaction formation

b. displacement

c. compensation

d. rationalization


1. Darrin always feels angry. However, instead of recognizing his anger, Darrin believes that the people around him are angry. He is utilizing the defense mechanism of

a. rationalization.

b. displacement.

c. projection.

d. sublimation.


1. Dr. Aikman is a psychologist who studies the factors that help people adhere to more positive lifestyles such as exercising and having a healthy diet. Dr. Aikman is most likely a __________ psychologist.

a. community

b. health

c. clinical

d. personality


1. According to Rotter’s expectancy theory, a person’s decision to engage in a behavior is determined by what the person expects to happen following the behavior and by

a. what cognitive person variables apply to the situation.

b. the value the person places on the outcome.

c. the conditions of worth the individual has created.

d. the relatively stable traits the individual possesses.


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