Nursing Care Models
April 22, 2018
Write a case study of the patient who required nursing interventions for his disorder ( major depression)
April 22, 2018

ask: This assessment item has 3 parts:

Students will investigate a clinical issue that they have observed during clinical placement or investigate a clinical question arising from the laboratory simulations.
Examine and critique current literature that relates to the chosen clinical issue.
Impact of nursing leadership in relation to the chosen issue.
It is recommended that students use the following headings in their Assignment.

Relevance of clinical issue The clinical issue must be clearly identified. Describe why this clinical issue is relevant to contemporary nursing practice.

Evidence Examine and critique current literature that relates to the clinical issue. The discussion should include evidence of analysis of various viewpoints and/or research findings in relation to the clinical issue. Students are to use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles published since 2000.

Integrated Nursing Practice (92312) Spring Session 2016


Impact of nursing leadership Discuss how effective nursing leadership can influence the delivery and coordination of patient care in relation to the chosen issue.


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