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May 9, 2014
June 21, 2017

Evaluation of Ethical Issues Associated with Formulating Global Cybersecurity Policy
Individual Assignment
Each student evaluates the issues associated with Botnets and with formulating global cybersecurity policy through a 10 page (minimum length) position paper. If you have any questions, please ask them early in the week so you have enough time to complete this assignment on time.
Students are to discuss the characteristics of Botnets:
1. Discuss Six specific characteristics of global Botnets (such as purpose, size, attack method, attribution, etc.), and describe how these characteristics have emerged, changed, or evolved over the past 5-10 years. Also describe the key technical features of six example Botnets.
2. Discuss briefly what contributing factors may cause Botnet characteristics to change, and how these characteristics may change over the next ten years.
3. How might these future Botnets be countered by global cybersecurity POLICY controls (do not describe technology controls) in the future?
4. Discuss policy, security practices, ethical principles, and recommendations. Support your ideas by using examples and cited references.
The assignment is due at the end of Week 8.
Prepare your paper in either Word or PDF format in APA format. The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines. References are NOT included in the page count.


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