Describe one way in which global warming is considered a "postive feeback system"
June 21, 2017
List four conditions that facilitate the precipitation
June 21, 2017

A 20-year-old athlete, Ms. G., had arthroscopic knee surgery. Over the next week she noticed mild swelling, increasing pain, and a small amount of redness at the incision site. Within three weeks the incision site had nearly completely healed, but the patient’s knee remained swollen and painful. In addtion she was febrile (41.3C)(pyrexia) and had developed vomiting(emesis) and diarrhea. She came to the emergency department for treatment. Examination revealed a sunburn like rash on her face, mild skin peeling above the eyes and red eyes and lips. Her blood pressure was 70/50mm Hg and she had elevated white cells but reduced number of platelets. Ms. G. was admitted to the intensive care unit.
1.What biological mechanism leads to soft tissue swelling?Explain how process work
2. Describe the mechanism of vomiting
3. How is diarrhea produced?
4. How is fever produced?
5. What is the function of white blood cells. Are there different types and what does an increase in white blood cell indicate?
6. What may result from the low platelet count? Explain


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