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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Create Your Own Fantasy Dance Festival! What does it mean to curate Who is a curator Curators are responsible for choosing, acquiring and/or organizing art to be shown to the public. In dance, curators sometimes commission a new work (premier) from choreographers and/or invite them to present already existing repertory works. Curators create collections or events that serve both the artists and the public, considering the needs and interests of both populations. It is important to have a good understanding of the breadth and depth of the dance world since the curator must apply their knowledge in order to make the most informed and best decisions. In this final project Curatorial Me! you will assume the role of a dance curator. You will choose a cause that is important to you, write a mission statement, then carefully choose artists whose work will help propel your ideas to your audience. Think of whom you’d like to invite and why you’d like to invite them. Who will be the audience for your festival Are you targeting dance aficionados, attracting new audiences, and/or focusing on young audiences or children What is the mission of your festival Are you working to raise money for your cause advocate for change increase awareness provoke thought Remember that this is a summative assessment for the course. What that means to you is this: You have learned many concepts, connections and vocabulary words from the course content. You should be able to use the information from the course to forward and support your ideas. I should be able to tell that you took this course by reading the polished blog that you create for this festival. 1. Please give your festival a Title! Be creative! Let your imagination soar! 2. Festival Mission Choose a cause that is important to you. You will write a 300-word mission incorporating responses to the following questions: How might you bring awareness to a charity through a dance festival How can you express a political and/or socio-political position through your festival structure and curation of artists How might you support a social issue or cause through the design of your festival What are the ways in which you can utilize dance and choreography to advocate for your cause Who is the target audience for the festival Audience should directly connect to your cause and goal for the festival. Why is it important that your audience join you in your efforts How will audiences benefit from participation in your festival How will the participation of audiences in your festival benefit your cause Your festival mission should be a persuasive paragraph or two that illuminates the direct connections between the causes and/or issues you have chosen to highlight in your festival and the detailed evidence from the course that supports your critically considered choices. 3. Choose three choreographers – They must be real people, but can include artists no longer living. These choreographers should be chosen carefully to make sure their work supports and forwards your cause. Consider the following questions: How do these choreographers support your mission Why are you presenting these artists in the same festival What elements, commonalities or differences do they possess Why will the audience for your festival find them an exciting combination (Note: a choreographer creates dance works. Beyonce and Michael Jackson are fabulous performers, but they did not create their dances. They had wonderful choreographers that made the dances for them. Make sure to choose choreographers, not performers.) Choreographer 1: Include at least one artist that we have covered in this course. You may not, however, repeat any information from this course. Dig deeper to find new resources and data from print text, articles, videos and images. You must correctly cite all your resources including videos and images. Choreographer 2: Include one artist from one of these websites: Alexander Press (Dance in Video): Put choreographer into the search box at the top of the page. Jacob’s Pillow – Dance Interactive: Choreographer 3: Your choice of any other choreographer. Make sure your person is a choreographer. 4. Choreographer Press Release – Part I (this assignment) – For the choreographer whom you chose from our course content, write an exciting press release for your festival, that uses media and ideas provoked by the following prompts. [You will write press releases for the other two choreographers you chose as part of your final project.] IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, this is for your brochure and should be written in that format. Do not write If I had to write a press release, I would or I would and do not include assignment prompts or submit numbered answers to these prompts.A. How does this choreographer directly address the social, political, and/or cultural cause in your Festival Mission How is this choreographer’s work influencing larger society How does his/her work connect to your mission B. What would you say to the public to get them excited and interested in this artist’s work What does the audience need to know about the artist in order to attract them to this festival Why does he or she inspire you What about this choreographer’s work is exciting What are some of the themes he/she explores C. Find at least one image that features your choreographer and one video link–not included in this course–that shows one of your choreographer’s dance works. 1. Images and videos cannot be from this course. 2. At least 1 video should not be a collection of clips of your artist’s work, since your next step is to analyze a dance piece. 3. Embed image(s) and video(s) into your blog. Go to the Learning Objects Design Tutorial tab in Learning Objects for instructions. D. ABC Des r ptive Response Paragraph – (This is similar to what you did for the Unit 2 Viewing Assignment). Complete the Unit 2 Viewing Assignment prompts for one video of your choreographer’s work. You may not use a video from this course. Complete this assignment in a manner that will convince people to come see your festival. Please format your work so that it looks like a seamless part of your project. Please do not put the alphabet list in your work, but do put your selected words in BOLD type. 5. Include MLA citations for all sources you use for the above tasks. Bill T. Jones will be the Choreographer you write about for the press release!!


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