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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Consultant Report

Paper details:

Print-R-Us, a nationally-based print shop with over 500 locations in the United States, has
decided to institute an automated online ordering system to replace its customer service
representatives. Now, instead of giving their files to a customer service representative,
customers can upload their files and submit orders over the internet. Customers can also walk
into any store branch and order from automated kiosks in the store. Customers can either have
their orders sent to them through the mail or pick up the orders at their local store.
The customer service function has also been automated by moving it from a human system to a
searchable database in the cloud. Customers with questions can search for the answers online.
For problems with orders, customers can put in an electronic ticket via email and wait for a
company representative to responds via email.
The transition to this system will not be easy. First, many of the customer service employees will
not be needed and will subsequently lose their jobs to the automation. The remaining customer
service employees will be left in the stores to assist customers with using the automated
ordering kiosks. Second, the customer service employees that remain will have to be trained on
the new system and switch to back-office positions that involve ordering and maintaining
supplies and servicing print machines. In spite of the anticipated challenges, the company still
believes that this type of change is a positive one in the long run.
You have been hired by Print-R-Us as an IT consultant for the executives at the company. Your
first task is to research and write a report for the company executives on the new system. Your
job is to explain the system, describe how it will work, and detail how employees will help
customers with it. Your report should also discuss the benefits of the system for the company
and how it improves the company’s productivity, ethics, and privacy of information. Finally, your
paper should make recommendations and suggestions for optimizing the use of the new system
that the company should follow in the areas of productivity, ethics, and privacy of information.


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