Identify the early iterations of the HIPAA act and how the law has been modified to facilitate easier access to consumer complaints and enforcement.
February 15, 2018
As an NP student, needs to determine the medications for constipation.
February 15, 2018

1-2 Reflection Journals: Social Determinants (two pages APA)

Note: In these journal assignments, be sure to connect your own experience to what is being asked of you in the particular journal prompt. Reflect on each question and support your answers using specific details and relevant examples. In reflecting on the themes of health policy and management that you have explored, describe how you have applied (or will apply) what you have learned.

Consider the relationship between public health and the social determinants of health. Some people view public health theory and the social determinants of health as two discrete concepts. Others look for causation: Do the social determinants shape population health or does population health create social determinants? How might competing views influence research, funding, policy decisions? For this journal submission, consider a variety of public health interventions intended to improve population health. Which interventions considered social determinants to successfully improve population health? In contrast, which interventions failed to consider social determinants? Describe some outcomes and opportunities for improvement. Next, review the connection between public health and public policy. Discuss how the outcomes of successful and unsuccessful public health interventions have shaped public


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