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February 8, 2018
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Case Study on Uniqlo in singapore

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Case Study on Uniqlo
Uniqlo to open its first global flagship store in Singapore and South-east Asia at Orchard Central. Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo will be opening its first global flagship store in Singapore and the South-east Asia region in Orchard Road this year and the store will create more than 300 jobs here.The store, with a total area of 2,700 sq m, will span across three levels at Orchard Central, and will be its biggest outlet in Singapore and the region. It is slated to open in the second half of this year. The opening of a global flagship store in Singapore not only highlights its prominence in the brand’s expansion plan worldwide, but also it can showcase the Uniqlo’s LifeWear concept through a global flagship store’s innovative, high-tech display and extensive product lineup,” said Ms Cheok. “Singapore as the hub of South-east Asia is the ideal location for us to open our first Uniqlo global flagship store in the region,” she told The Straits Times.The company’s South-east Asia CEO Taku Morikawa said in a press release that they are honoured and excited to open their first global flagship store in Singapore. “Having been a member of the local retail scene since 2009, we remain committed towards contributing to the local community and being an integral part of Singapore’s growth and future,” he said.
According to the press release, the new flagship store will create more than 300 jobs.
(Nurulnadiah Md Noh (2016, March 29) Uniqlo to open its first global flagship store in Singapore & South East Asia at
Orchard Central. Retrieved from
You have been appointed as a human resources manager. The Board of Directors of Uniqlo wants you to prepare a report on;
1. Your proposal on recruitment and selection strategies ( You can choose/create any 2 position of your choice);
2. You are also to draw up strategies on how to retain and motivate their employees to achieve high productivity.


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