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June 21, 2017
Discuss financial management in non profit organizations
June 21, 2017

What changes would you propose to improve the process?
CASE TO READ: CASE 7: THE FAST BURGUER DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT OF PROCESSES Two friends want to open a fast food and take away burger. They have been thinking about several outlets in the city and they have concluded that a good place to open it would be it in the most important industrial quarter of the city. In this quarter there are several restaurants and bars but they are always full and you can always see long lines of customers waiting outside to be serviced. None of these outlets is a take away fast food in which you can go and order your burger where you can choose to eat it there or you can just take them to the office to eat quietly. The two friends have been thinking about starting a lunchtime fast food business but with enough quality to differentiate them from the competition of the quarter as they want to sell hamburgers premium 100% beef and made by themselves in their shop. To do so they will rent a little shop attached to a industrial plant where they would put a kitchen, a counter and a few tables. They want to offer hamburgers full of supplements so customers can choose the combinations to their total satisfaction. To do so they will have the following additions or toppings: round bread, onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon, ham, egg, cheddar, Havarti cheese, Edam cheese, sausage, gherkin and garlic To obtain hamburgers of quality they need to buy 100% beef burgers and they should prepare them a few hours in advance so the meat can marinate and the ingredients can be mixed properly. To make 20 hamburgers they should mix 800 gr first of minced meat, 50 gr. ff chopped onion and 16 beaten eggs. This is thoroughly mixed for 3 minutes. Following this you have to add four teaspoons of Dijon mustard and 18 teaspoons of breadcrumbs and then you have to mix them well for another 3 minutes. Finally 5 teaspoons of ketchup are added and remixed for another 3 minutes. With all of this batter you get 20 burgers in separate meat balls. They have to wrap each ball in plastic wraps and they have to place them in the refrigerator. Before opening the shop to the public they should begin pulling the burgers out of the fridge so they can seat at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before cooking. With all of these preparations the friends estimate that each burger will cost them about 2.5 euros. The restaurant will be open Monday through Friday from 12:00 hours to 18:00 hours so they can serve the highest quantity of workers during their breaks of various shifts of the several major factories and business of the quarter The process in the restaurant is next. The first friend takes orders from customers as they arrive. He writes down the order with the number of burgers and toppings requested. They have calculated that this task will take an average of half a minute per order (regardless of the amount of burgers ordered). Then the first friend takes a ball of meat, he removes the paper, crushes them against a table to obtain a patty and sprinkle flour over the patties. This process takes a minute. Then he places all the toppings that the customer has requested on the patty. This task requires half a minute. All ingredients have an estimated average cost of 1.2 euros per hamburger. After passing this first friend hamburger. Then the first friend passes the hamburgers to the second friend (negligible time). The second friend cooks the burger on the grill. The grill only fits a single hamburger since the burgers are so big. The burger is done in an average of about 3 minutes. Later they plan to buy a bigger broiler. The second friend removes the hamburger from the grill, wraps it in a paper wrap and places it in a cardboard box. All of this takes half a minute. The box costs 0.2 euros. At the end he places the box in a bag, charges the customers, receives the payment and finally hands the bag to the customers (all of these tasks last a total of 1 minute).


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