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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Assignment 1: Employee Motivation
Assignment 1: Employee Motivation
Managers have observed that employees are of three types: committed, compliant, or resistant. Most organizational leaders prefer committed employees because they
exhibit motivation and willingness to sacrifice for the organization. A perceived lack of justice in a myriad of areas very often prevents employees from committing
themselves fully to the organization and its mission. The perceived lack of justice could include issues such as pay raises, promotions, choice of assignments, and
location of work.
In this discussion assignment, you will reflect on what you have learned about employee motivation. You will share your thoughts on how outcomes can be improved by
ensuring justice for all parties. Reflect on your own organizational experiences or research on employee motivation, and using two examples, respond to the following:
Explain why outcomes perceived as unfair can decrease employee motivation.
Discuss how procedural justice could have helped mitigate the negative effects.
Include an example for each to support your response.
Write a one- to two-paragraph response for each point.
post your response directly to the appropriateDiscussion Area. Throughthe end of the modulereview and comment on your classmates’ responses. Evaluate reasons
presented and make suggestions for aspects of procedural justice and fair process that have not been taken into account.


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